Pressure Cleaning Services – Palm Coast

Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning is one of the most important aspects in the exterior cleaning portion of a home. Cleaning your roof not only provides a rejuvenated physical appearance to both shingles and tiles, but it also eliminates disgusting bacteria and mold colonies that form on the surface causing a black crud to appear. East Coast Pressure Cleaning and Home Solutions in Palm Coast offers an alternative to aggressive pressure washing methods by using a system call Soft Washing. Soft Washing combines the elements of Low Pressure with a safe chemical solution to remove and flush out that harmful mold. Allowing the growth to continue without cleaning can cause early degradation of roofing materials and premature roof replacement. Estimates are always free…and are done within 24 hours of your request.

Roof - before & after

House Cleaning

house cleaning service

The exterior of your home can become overrun with wasps, spiders, mold, nests and debris. Our houses are the single largest investment most will ever make. Why wouldn’t anyone want to keep them clean and mold free. Leaving mold and algae on the house can also assist in the premature wear of exterior paint. Like a car, the exterior walls of your home should be cleaned on an annual basis minimum. We also use our Soft Wash system for most cleaning tasks as high pressure is rarely needed and can cause damage to the surface of the structure if performed incorrectly. East Coast Pressure Cleaning and Home Solutions in Palm Coast offers many different Exterior Cleaning and Painting options to accommodate the needs of all our customers.

Patio/Pool Deck Cleaning

East Coast Pressure Cleaning and Home Solutions in Palm Coast specializes in refreshing the¬†beauty of your pool deck and back patio. We understand that many homeowners utilize these spaces as entertaining areas and we can bring these spots back to their original beauty. Don’t let your guests stare at unsightly mold. Call us today to clean these areas for you!

Patio - before & after

Fence Cleaning

Fence - before & after

Most wooden fences can be cleaned to fresh look and all PVC type fences can be brought back to look like new again. These are low cost alternatives to expensive fence replacement and can greatly enhance appearance and back yard appeal. Who wants unsightly mold on their white fence? Call us today and we can remove it to provide a fresh looking surface.

Garage Floor/Driveway Cleaning & Staining

Let us pressure clean and recoat your garage floor for a restored finish and smooth finish. Garage Floor coatings provide a surface that enables the homeowners to simply wipe up oils and spills without them absorbing into the concrete and causing permanent stains. Driveway pressure cleaning is the single easiest and cheapest way to improve curb appeal to your house. Cleaning the driveway will also insure no one will fall on slippery mold and algae buildup that occurs when routine cleaning isn’t done.

Garage Floor - before & after
Driveway - before & after

Interior/Exterior Painting

outside painting

East Coast Pressure Cleaning and Home Solutions in Palm Coast offers Full Interior/Exterior Painting Packages for homeowners. Whether you have a rental property flip or a permanent residence, our painting projects leave a lasting impression and provide a totally refreshed appearance. We do NOT subcontract out your house. All work is done by our company for reliability and quality work.

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